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The Government of the State of São Paulo, through the Department of Agriculture and Supply, created by the Law 10,481, as of 12/29/1999, the “Produto de São Paulo” Seal, as part of the System of Quality Certification for Agribusiness Products. The (voluntary adhesion) system certifies products which have a unique superior quality, by means of the control throughout the productive process in compliance with the principle known as “from the seed to the plate”.
It is a “product quality assurance seal” with verification of its processing and origin records to provide the consumer with a unique quality product.


The main objectives are:
• Providing a better service to the consumer;
• Improving the agribusiness competitiveness of the State of São Paulo in the internal and external markets;
• Increasing the producer and agribusinesses’ revenue;
• Adding a differential value to the product through a specialized production.